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ImmunoPterin Success Stories

Immuno Pterin Powerful Immune System Support

A growing number of case studies reported to us show that ImmunoPterin has the ability to relieve pain and suffering without the debilitating side effects of many prescription medications.

Our Pilot Clinical Study shows some of the positive effects reported to us by ImmunoPterin users. Among them are:

  • Elimination of chemo-induced mouth sores
  • Reduced pain and stiffness of arthritis
  • Fewer or no incidences of flu or colds

One of the most common and difficult to eliminate reactions to chemotherapy treatment can be mouth sores. Our Pilot Clinical Study gives the specifics on each user reporting and their observations. We are happy to say the number of positive reports increases daily.

ImmunoPterin’s Effect on Chemo Mouth Sores

According to the Mayo Clinic’s website,“Chemotherapy and radiation both can impair your body's germ-fighting system (immune system). With an impaired immune system, viruses, bacteria and fungi can more easily infect your mouth, causing mouth sores or making mouth sores worse.” Currently there appears to be little help available for this distressing side effect other than a topical treatment that only numbs the pain for an hour or so, or the avoidance of “painful foods.” As many chemo mouth sore sufferers will tell you, that’s most food.

We are overjoyed to hear from ImmunoPterin users suffering from chemo mouth sores that a daily dosage of three ImmunoPterin provided noticeable improvement within a week, and the mouth sores are almost completely gone within a month. Read more of Bob’s Story which is one example of the quality of life that can be realized when chemo mouth sores are dramatically reduced or eliminated.

Bob’s Story
ImmunoPterin and its effect on chemotherapy-induced mouth soresBob's Story

I am currently into week 21 of 48 weeks of chemotherapy for Hepatitis C, genotype 1a. I most likely have had it since I was born, as I had no immunity at birth and was given Gama globulin injections, which is derived from bloodplasma. In the mid ‘50’s they didn’t have the screening for blood-born diseases. They didn’t have a test for Hepatitis C until around 1990 or so, when I was first diagnosed. This is my second attempt in the last eight years and it is at this juncture successful - having no detectable viral amount at week six, eight, and 12. Read Bob's complete story Read More Here

LM’s Story
Results of using ImmunoPterin while undergoing chemotherapy, and also suffering from Lupus and Hashimoto’s.

As you know from my latest diagnosis and lab analysis, as a daily supplement, ImmunoPterin (IP) has made all the difference with my health. It has not only prevented the [chemo] mouth sores from the weekly high dosage of MTX for almost a year, but it has also become a deterrent from common illnesses like colds and flu. Read LM's complete story Read More Here

ImmunoPterin’s Effect on Arthritis

“My wife and I both suffered from different forms of arthritis. Hers was in the upper and lower areas of her back, mine mainly centered in the knees. My wife’s back pain cleared after about two months of taking 1-2 capsules of ImmunoPterin a day. My knee arthritis cleared more rapidly, two weeks after taking ImmunoPterin. We continue to take ImmunoPterin daily and have not had a recurrence of the arthritis pain and stiffness.” PB

“I had been having difficulty with my golf swing because of arthritis pain in my hands. After trying one capsule of ImmunoPterin for two days, the pain and stiffness in my hands was gone and I am now able to enjoy my golf game again. If the pain comes back, I will just take an ImmunoPterin.” MH

According to the Arthritis Foundation, arthritis and related diseases are major causes of debilitating, life-changing pain for many Americans. A May 2010 report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that among adults with arthritis, 37.7 percent report that arthritis causes limitations on their activities, 31.2 percent say it leads to work limitation, and 25.6 percent note that it causes severe pain (seven or higher on a zero-10 point scale).

Users of ImmunoPterin have consistently reported less pain and stiffness due to their arthritis symptoms view complete pilot data. Our scientists are organizing clinical trials to provide further scientific backup for these positive results. As with other health imbalances people experience, arthritis is one often treated with drugs that cause side effects, in some cases very dangerous ones. Because ImmunoPterin is a vitamin+GRAS (generally regarded as safe) dietary supplement, it has no side effects and is completely safe to use daily.

As with any dietary supplement, its use should always be discussed with your healthcare provider.

ImmunoPterin’s Effect on Colds and Flu

"At the height of the holiday season everyone around me was coming down with some kind of bug, I started to feel the scratch at the back of my throat and took three ImmunoPterin. I kept it up for three days, did not get the bug and sailed through a five-hour surgery a few days later with no problems. Was told I recovered exceptionally quickly." –FJ
ImmunoPterin acts in a completely new way to ward off colds and flu. It inhibits IDO, an enzyme that lowers the body’s defenses allowing disease to enter. By effectively blocking IDO, the body can successfully fight off colds, flu and even inflammation due to infection. ImmunoPterin can safely be taken in dosages of three capsules as needed to get the immune system back to a balanced level.

More success stories

ImmunoPterin Protect your Immune Health

"For the last two weeks I only skipped ImmunoPterin two days and I quickly noticed that I felt my common ugly symptoms of severe fatigue and painful joint stiffness again. Therefore, I promised to continue taking it until I run out. This is my 25th day on a 30-day supply and I definitely noticed that it took a quick effect around the 3rd and 4th day with my regular morning regimen. And I spoke to my MD about your supplement and he agreed it is also helping me. My chemo mouth sores are in better shape since I have not had any since taking ImmunoPterin." -LM

"As a breast cancer survivor I take ImmunoPterin as a preventative measure and I really notice an increase in stamina and mental clarity. It also seems easier to take and keep weight off when I take it." - CF

"I feel when I am a little weak or have an irritated throat I take ImmunoPterin and my throat is relieved. When I go to work it gives me extra energy and it helps me through the day and night. -- It worked! - AS

ImmunoPterin Protect your Immune Health

A testimonial reflects an individual experience, actual results may differ. We appreciate those who have shared their experiences of ImmunoPterin with us and encourage you to do so also.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is intended for overall immune system support and not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If seeking treatment for a specific disease, consult your health practitioner.

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